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(Video) First Ben & Jerry’s Support Black Lives Matter, Now They Want More Refugees

The ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s is working with different charity authorities to convince politicians that they need more refugees to travel to Europe. Every year, outside the asylum procedures, 500 extra vulnerable refugees are invited to come to Europe, but that should be more according to the campaign.

Many people on social media are very angry and are calling for a boycott of Ben and Jerry’s products. People think that this American company should not interfere with political problems in Europe. Again, others call it an advertising stunt. And the brand is well known. It was once established by two hippie-like types who have the mission of ‘making the world a better place’. Therefore, the company was already taking action against coal mines in Australia, they made special gay ice-cream and supported Bernie Sanders during the American elections.

Black Lives Matter

Ben & Jerry’s has also supported the Black Lives Matter movement in the past, which resulted in a boycott by the police. More often they take action that is insulting to others. A previous initiative by Starbucks in which they promised 2,500 refugees to adopt in Europe before 2022 did not fall well in the past.
According to an image expert, it happens more often, but this particular subject is more sensitive. “It fits the social mission that this company has, but it can also cause negativity,” he says. “We usually are ok when companies engage in a better world, which is also expected of large companies. “But usually it does not get this much attention”.

The charity foundation replies: “They are ice sellers, but they have a second mission. The pursuit of a charity is in their DNA, and they can use their big reach and backbone to highlight such important themes.”

For this special cause Ben & Jerry’s created this video:

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