Flynn Cooperating With Mueller – Complete Nothing Burger

Now that former Trump frontman Michael Flynn has been charged with lying to the FBI, it is coming out from a range of sources that he is now cooperating fully with Mueller’s investigation. But the reality is that this is not actually going to do any damage to the Trump administration. Why you may ask? Because it turns out that Flynn spoke to the Russians regarding dealing with ISIS AFTER the election!

As a member of the Trump team coming into power, aren’t people supposed to be making contacts with foreign agencies on issues that impact national security.

So the headline should read “Flynn does his job legally, get scr*** by the Press.”

The left is going insane hoping that this latest charge will finally bring down the Trump government. They are utterly fascinated with this idea and don’t seem to care what damage it would do to the nation…They just want him out!

When will we find out what the limits of Mueller’s investigation are? It is ridiculous that this guy who has been leaking information left, right, and center, seems to be untouchable and free to go after anybody even remotely connected to President Trump. If there is collusion, we need to know. But this is just a pure witch hunt right now. Mueller has overstepped his boundaries in an illiberal and unconstitutional way.

It’s time to end this farce.


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