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Food Stamp Users Face Drug Testing

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has gotten state Senate approval to move ahead with his controversial bill to drug test food stamp recipients. The move comes in response to citizens not wanting to see their tax dollars wasted on able-bodied adults who are supposed to be seeking work, receiving handouts, and spending their welfare money on drugs.

This has been tried before in other states but has always been rolled back by the courts claiming it was discriminatory to make people have to do more to receive welfare of any kind. But Walker thinks with his new legislation that he has the power and authority to get this done.

The important question is…Why would ANYBODY oppose this? The idea that welfare and food stamps are a safety net is good, noble and decent, it is a temporary measure NOT a lifestyle choice.

Able-bodied adults without dependents are supposed to be out looking for work and getting their lives on track. How can they be if they are spending welfare money getting doped up? And the fact of drug use actually limits their chances of getting a job. There are plenty of positions that have a zero tolerance hiring policy on drugs, so they are blocking themselves from gaining employment.

This should be rolled out nationwide. Welfare is not there to let you indulge in a life of drugs. If you want drugs, buy them with your own money, do them at home, and then get up the next day and go do your job! No one will complain! Just don’t expect anyone else to pay for it!

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