Franken Quits – But Conservatives Should be Wary of Celebrating

As news breaks that Senator Al Franken is stepping down from the Senate within the next few weeks, it is easy to get caught up in excitement as “an opponent” bites the dust. But we should be very wary of this. Remember, that Franken, despite multiple accusers and some fairly damning photographs, has not actually ben found guilty of sexual misconduct by either a court of law or a Senate ethics committee.

We may well believe he is guilty, but due process must take place. If he is found innocent by an ethics committee and a court, then who are we to judge that he should be removed…That is for the people who he will have to face in the next electoral cycle to decide.

Also, we know full well that the left has a habit of “eating their own” when it is politically expedient. Be wary that this is a sacrifice that they are making in order to go after far bigger fish. If a precedent is set that a person should be removed from office based on allegations alone, then all elected officials are at risk of political dirty tricks operations.

But at the end of the day. Regardless of what you think of Franken. He has not been found guilty by a court nor by a professional ethics committee…and as such, should not be forced to resign. This is inviting nothing but trial by public opinion, and that cannot be a good thing for the rule of law or the constitution of the United States.

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