Franken Refuses to Step Down

Despite ever-growing¬†allegations and EVEN photographic evidence that Senator Al Franken is not the “friend to women” he claims to be, he is sticking firm and refusing to step down…And he’s right to do so. Politicians on both the left and right are on dangerous ground and they know it. Should they attack their opponents? Should they hedge their bets? It is actually about time our “leaders” started with a bit of self-examinatAion.

The fact is, that Franken hasn’t been accused of a crime. It certainly seems as though he has committed some serious wrongdoings, but that is not for you, I, or the media to cast judgment on. He needs to go before an ethics committee straight away and either prove himself a decent human being or at least try to. If he fails, then he should step down immediately…but not before.

Some on the left are starting to call us out on being biased in our condemnation of those accused of sexual misconduct…and for once, they may be right.

We need to all be very clear that we will not accept our elected officials abusing their positions and harassing¬†women (or men for that matter), but also that we believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Allegations are cheap…but that doesn’t mean that actions shouldn’t be taken.

With Franken…Ethics Committee.

With Moore, well we’ll have to wait if any actual charges are levied. But if they are, then he needs to face the courts.

Let’s make a commitment to not judge until the evidence is in.

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