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Fresno Shooter that Killed 3 Was Associated With #blacklivesmatter

Here’s another link between #blacklivesmatter and domestic terrorism.  The Fresno gunman, Kori Ali Muhammad, was an avid supporter of #blacklivesmatter.   Muhammad opened fire in Fresno, California on Tuesday, killing 3 innocent people.    A scan of Muhammad’s social media accounts revealed several anti-white racist posts.   Many posts supported #blacklivesmatter.  Muhammad even praised other terrorist actions inspired by #blacklivesmatter, like the Baton Rouge and Dallas police shootings:

“He loved us enough to kill for us. We honor him #LetBlackPeopleGo.” – Muhammad

Muhammad’s social media posts were often critical of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. Muhammad referred to them as “grafted white devils.” Muhammad also uploaded racist anti-white music videos that he made. The lyrics mentioned killing several white people.

Muhammad’s hatred for white people boiled over on Tuesday. He shot 3 random men in Fresno California. After his arrest he told police he hated white people and he intended on killing many more.

Where’s the apology from #blacklivesmatter?

I always hear this group that call themselves #blacklivesmatter. They keep preaching about the targeting of black men by law enforcement. I don’t understand that message, as the only people that have been targeted by anyone are the Dallas police officers and 3 innocent lives in Fresno. They were targeted by someone associated with #blacklivesmatter.

Do we need a #whitelivesmatter movement now? A movement to protest the killing of unarmed white people by #blacklivesmatter protesters?

Source: Western Journalism
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