Full Racist! = NY Times Attacks

A New York Times opinion writer has written an article so dripping with hate and racism, that it is a wonder anyone can still read the rag without being physically sick. In Ekow Yankah’s article “Can my children be friends with white people?” he epitomizes everything that is wrong with the country today…yet without realizing that it is people like him who are causing the problem.

Just a few years ago (almost 9 to be more precise), race relations were at an all-time high. Things had never been so good for societal cohesion…and then Obama, the Divider in Cheif, came along and pushed a hateful rhetoric that ruined years of hard work and legislation. Yankah’s article is an extension of this.

He writes:

“I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust. Much sooner than I thought I would, I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people.

Real friendship is impossible without the ability to trust others, without knowing that your well-being is important to them….

…History has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people in this way, and these recent months have put in the starkest relief the contempt with which the country measures the value of racial minorities.”

Great! Well done! teach your children from an early age to carry around with them the prejudice and hatred you yourself foster and push. Good parenting.

It is precisely this kind of “soft bigotry” against black people, telling them they can’t trust their own instincts, that creates so many of the problems in society.  Let people be who they are, don’t push your racist BS!


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