Georgia Passes Resolution to Condemn NFL After Veteran Disrespect

The Georgia Senate has passed a resolution in response to teh NFL editing an ad ran by a veterans group. The resolution “condemns the NFL for not allowing the group, AMVETS, to purchase an ad in the printed Super Bowl program that targeted players who kneel during the national anthem.”

The ad had a sign saying #PleaseStand and was cut out by the NFL in favor of supporting the players who choose to kneel when the anthem is played.

Georgia Senate condemns teh NFL’s actions as “pious and self-serving.” And says that “even the pretence of supporting free speech and dissent” while allowing “organized disrespect and contempt for the Flag of the United States and the National Anthem.”

Suprise, surprise, the Senate Democrats condemned the Republicans, not the NFL who disrespected veterans and America.

It is a shame to make America politics about picking sides, but unfortunately, it really is. The Republicans have chosen to side with veterans, Americans, and patriots. The Democrats have chosen to side with over-privileged NFL players.

A new report suggests that the players who are kneeling are actually among some of the highest paid in the sport.

Perhaps it’s time for the American people to finally choose a side for themselves…Do you support people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and fellow Americans, or do you support a media pushed propaganda campaign by cry-babies?

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