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Was Golden Globe the Most Hypocritical Event of the Year?

Should you need to evacuate your stomach in an emergency procedure, forget the tried and true methods and just watch the rank hypocrisy coming out of this year’s Golden Globe awards. Never has such a massive virtue signal taken place, involving so many hypocrites, with so little self-awareness, as happened on last night’s Globe awards.

Firstly, the partygoers decided to wear all black “as a statement” against sexual harassment. Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that a bunch of entitled and in many cases complicit idiots wearing a fashionable color does not a single thing other than let people know that these losers can’t really contribute a damn thing to the debate, and focus on who the culprits of sexual harassment are.

For years, the casting couch has been an open secret. Everybody, even those not involved in the industry knows about it. So where does all this surprise come from? Were they each, individually, the blindest and most naive people in the world. Or did they look the other way? Or perhaps they didn’t see it as a form of abuse? In that case, they are just plain stupid.

And what about the self-righteous preening of the winners, presenters and hosts? They chose t focus on Donald Trump in their outcry about abuse! Yes, Trump has had a few women accuse him of abuse. So why did they all disappear from public view right after their allegations? Could it be because it was discovered that they had all brokered cash deals to accuse?

So unfounded, paid for allegations versus very real, documented crimes committed by their own industry…Which do they choose? You’ve guessed it!

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