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The GOP Surrenders to Trump?

According to the Weekly Standard, far from there being a civil war raging between the president and the party he was elected to lead, the GOP has, in fact, totally surrendered to him. They suggest that the majority of Republican elected representatives have decided to “go along to get along” after months of trying to shape the nation in their image. It seems the MAGA platform was just too much to resist.

They point out that Senator Ted Cruz, who was a staunch enemy of President Donald Trump, has backed up the president with statements about the resignations of Jeff Flake and Bon Corker, saying that talk of “feuds” was “nonsense” and that the GOP should “shut up and do your job.”

The Standard points out that:

“This is the same Ted Cruz who pointedly refused to shut up in 2016, declining to endorse Trump in his convention speech and making an impassioned plea for the defense of a party of principles, a party of conscience.”

And unsurprisingly, the Weekly Standard is aghast that Republican politicians could fall into line behind President Trump. They bemoan the idea that this party should be united behind its president. They write:

“What’s wanted is for those with something more at stake to step up,” the piece reads. “Robert Frost famously described a liberal as someone unwilling to take his own side in a fight. Will that be what is said of conservatives and Republicans? That they stood on the sidelines and watched as the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan was destroyed?”

The GOP is in line, the Democrats seem to be wavering, now all that’s needed is to get the press to do THEIR job properly and start reporting what actually happens, not what they think should happen.

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