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GOP Working AGAINST Trump Immigration Reforms!

We all know that RINOs have infested the Republican party. And we know that they have been working against a proper conservative governance. But no, Jeff Flake, has come out and exposed just how opposed aspects of the GOP to actual immigration reform and dealing with DACA.

With governance, there clearly has to be compromise and deal-making, but Flake may have inadvertently pointed out just how opposed the RINOs actually are. As reported by Breitbart:

“No party, no individual is going to get everything that they want; the White House won’t get everything they want, the Democrats in Congress won’t, and neither will the Republicans. This will be a compromise. I’m simply suggesting tonight – let’s get real about the time involved between now and when we have to fix this, and not think that we can simply kick the can down the road and put in some temporary fix, some kind of bridge later that will protect these kids…Let’s all get serious, Republicans and Democrats – not coming forward to the table with unrealistic expectations about what can be part of this legislation. Let’s have something that we can put on the Senate floor by the end of the month to have sufficient time to get this fixed by March 5th.”

So with a majority in the House, the GOP will still not get things done the way they want. Why? RINOs!!!

Is it possible to change this steady decline? Or is it too far along?

Unless voters vote for candidates that are not the establishment, we will continue t have people in government that are looking out for just themselves.


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