Gowdy Demand FBI Agents Explain “Secret Society” Messages

Trey Gowdy has set his sights on figuring out was is really behind the 5 months of messages that have been “lost.” In a series of texts that have been made public between Agents Strzok and Page, they discussed a “Secret Society” in relation to stopping Trump becoming president. We need to know what’s been happening.

Is it any surprise at all that month’s worth of messages have conveniently¬†just disappeared? These people were talking about contingency plans, and ways to stop Trump taking over…And apparently, at the heart of all this is a secret society.

Now not to get too conspiratorial, we are clearly not looking at something like an Illuminati plot…But rather, a group of career bureaucrats who decided that they know better than the voters f this country, and decided to use their positions to circumvent the will of the people.

They used dodgy “evidence” and the privilege of their positions to try and elect Hillary Clinton, and as a backup plan, have a way to nullify president Trump…Enter the Russsian collusion story.

Gowdy is a smart operator who believes in this country. With enough support from other members of the government, he may just get tot he bottom of this. The DOJ has announced they are opening an investigation…It’s only a matter of time now.

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