Guess Which Country is NOT Racist?

According to a wide-ranging study of race, racism, and the perception of racism has found something that most Americans knew all along, but that the media and activists seek to deny.

The South African Institute for Justice and Reconciliation commisioned the survey that looked at 61 countries and checked out two major facets: Who would not want to live next door to someone of a different race, and those people who have witnessed something they believe to be racist.

OUt of all the countries surveyed, the US does not even rank in the top 25! In fact, despite all of the hype in the media that suggests white folk are “inherently racist”, not a single majority white country makes it into the top 25 (except Russia at number 20). Strange? Surprising?

Not really. The reality is that most people in white majority nations do not see people as different, positive or negative based on their skin color…But rather judge people based on their individual actions.

So why are we being told what a racist country the US is by our complicit news media? Are they just plain wrong, or are they trying to denigrate a system that works in the hopes of destroying it?

This is Cultural Marxism, nothing more. They want the US and “Western Culture” ended. And they are not strong enough to do it themselves, so they try to get us to to it by ourselves. Americans of all colors and backgrounds are being conned into thinking we live in a bad place. Just take a look at other countries and their race problems to realize that we have it pretty good and live in a country where the vast majority of people judge our neighbors on the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin.


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