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What Happened to BLM and Antifa?…Goodbye!!!

Just 6 months ago, everything on the media and in the streets was about Antifa and Black Lives Matter…But not anymore? Did they achieve their objective? Did they get taken down by law-enforcement? Why have they suddenly¬†lost all major presence?

Could the answer be that the Democrats and Foundations are no longer paying their bills? Now, we only see small protests and loose associations, which history suggests would be the remnants of those who were suckered in by big business funded groups.

You see…The Left starts a group (from which it distances itself), and then feeds money and key people to run it. Others get caught up in the cause never knowing that it is being sponsored by a “mainstream” political party. When the group has served its purpose (or ceases to be effective as is the case now), the paid leaders disband to other projects and the main share of the money dries up.

All that’s left are the useful idiots who didn’t know what they were involved in.

But why did these groups cease to be effective? It’s because teh alternative media exposed them again and again for the violent, petty thugs they actually are. These people don’t have a real plan other than hate and disruption. They are a distraction from reality and from the better prospects Americans have under Trump