THIS is How Hate Preachers Radicalize Converts

A shocking new report by the Henry Jackson Society shows that converts to Islam are more likely to become radicalized than “heritage” Muslims. The report suggests that those who have converted are targets for those seeking “human weapons” as they are easier to manipulate into seeing a “preferred” version of Islam.

This presents major issues for preventing radicalization as many conversions happen in secluded prison populations. With an ever-increasing number of hate-preachers using the power of Islamist groups to bully and coerce people into changing their religion.

There are many examples of people becoming radicalized in prisons and then going on to either commit or trying to commit acts of terrorism. It is the “hopelessness” of their situation that makes them vulnerable to the brainwashing and the  “hope” of salvation that pushes these people over the edge.

So the question remains, what should we be doing with recruiters and Imams that are being literally fed new groups of potential converts every week? The answer is fairly simple but will not be acted upon: anyone found guilty of crimes related to terrorism or hate preaching should be kept in a separate institution to serve their time, and then deported (if they are not native born).

But will governments adopt these measures? It’s unlikely. So we will continue to see more radicalized Muslim converts being indoctrinated and “launched.”

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