Hero Veteran Killed On Mother’s Day While Protecting Woman At IHOP

A young father and Air Force veteran was shot and killed outside an Ihop after he stopped a domestic violence incident. 27-year-old Devin Wilson stopped a man from beating and choking his wife inside an Ihop. The man then shot and killed Wilson.

Wilson died a hero, he was defending a complete stranger. The suspect is still on the run. 27-year old Devin Wilson

“He had a big heart, and it was his big heart that unfortunately led him to his death bed. I wasn’t surprised when they said just trying to help somebody. A woman being attacked.” – Katina Rounds (mother)

Local news claimed interviewing Wilson’s mother Katina was the hardest interview they’ve ever done. She lost her son on mother’s day of all days:

“Having to come here and explain to his six-year-old child that sees everybody here and sees people crying and she keep saying, ‘Tina what’s wrong with everybody?’ And we’re waiting on her mom to get here so we can tell her she’s never going to see her daddy again alive. The last conversation she had with him was the last conversation she will ever have. How would anyone feel? But unfortunately so many people are dealing with that every day.” – Katina Rounds

Memphis Police are still actively searching for the suspect who shot and killed Wilson.

“He just didn’t have to kill my baby. He didn’t have to kill him. Every day we hear on the news about gun fire. Somebody getting shot. Somebody shooting. It’s just such a norm. Nowadays people put such low value on life itself. They’re taking lives as if they are stepping on a bug. That’s Devin, the guy with a big old heart. That’s him. That’s my baby.” – Rounds

Source: Fox 13
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