Hobby Lobby Stocks “Racist” Item – Crowds Go Crazy Over THIS!

The American craft store Hobby Lobby has come under fire by the masses of the perpetually offended. This time it’s all over one item that they had displayed as a decorative item. The internet has gone into a rampant frenzy over how truly evil the company is. And all because they had …Cotton.

That’s right, a table display of cotton is now so triggering to the useful Idiots, that they consider the very existence of it to be racists. Do these morons really think that cotton would not exist if African slaves did not pick it in the days of slavery? Or do they think that the intervening centuries were cotton free, and it is only now making a comeback because half the nation has become white supremacists overnight?

Do the fools who are outraged by this wear T-Shirts? If so, are they supporting slavery?

This is the culture we now live in. Millions of idiots have been so brainwashed and riled into a state of hatred for those with different opinions and even different skin colors, that they can throw a fit about a shop selling cotton!

How do these people even exist in the world? Are they walking around in a constant state of “triggered”? If they see a white person wearing a t-shirt do they feel rage and anger that “cultural appropriation” has taken place and that the wearer is, in fact, surfing on the backs of long-dead slaves?


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