Illegal Immigrant Goes on Shooting Rampage – Not One Major Network Covers It

Did you hear about the illegal immigrant in Austin who went on a rampage and shot up cars and people on I35? Probably not, right? The reason is that not a single one of the major news networks decided to report it.

Rolando Martinez, 25,  who has an Immigration and Naturalization Service detainer on him (according to Travis County Jail) spent Sunday night getting drunk and shooting at people and cars on I35. Many were injured with gunshot wounds (plus other injuries) including a seven-year-old girl.  Fortunately, no one was killed…This time.

It is shocking that this hasn’t been reported by anyone (except for the always-brave Kxan). When the media devote hours of coverage to shootings in general, why is it that this particular one has been ignored? Could it be for the same reason that the church shooting by Emanuel Kidega Samson, a Sudanese migrant who killed one and wounded others also didn’t get much airtime?

These sad events do not fit the narrative of the anti-gun lobby. They want to portray the use of firearms as a distinctly white American issue…as Obama pointed out about people hanging onto their guns and their bibles. The truth is, it’s not. It’s a people issue, regardless of race.

Even with rising gun crime, the death rate by firearms is still not equal that of deaths by automobile. So the reasoning behind banning guns for those who are (presently) legally allowed to own make no sense. It is when guns are used illegally that causes the problem. And that is a vast minority of the cases. The left’s logic states that because a minority of people use guns illegally, we should ban guns. But that doesn’t make sense. Some people use money illegally, no one is suggesting we ban money. SOme use cars illegally (no one is suggesting we ban cars.

The lack of coverage is a disgrace.

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