Immigrants Who Commit Child Sex Abuse to Lose Citizenship

Immigrants to the United States who committed child sex abuse are set to lose their citizenship according to a suit filed with the Department of Justice. At present, the DOJ is taking action against five individuals who have pleaded guilty to sexual offenses with a minor, and therefore knowingly lied during their naturalization period, lying on these forms is a crime.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement about the case:

“Committing fraud in any immigration matter undermines the integrity of our immigration system, and is a betrayal of the American people’s generosity. It is especially appalling when it also involves the sexual abuse of children.”

The men due to lose their citizenship are:

Jorge Luis Alvarado, from Mexico, who committing indecency with a child by sexual contact.

Alberto Mario Beleno, from Colombia, who pleaded guilty that year to the molestation of a minor.

Eleazar Corral Valenzuela, from Mexico, who sexually abused a minor child in 2000.

Moises Herrera-Gonzalez, from Mexico, who sexually assaulting a six-year-old child in 1996.

Emmanuel Olugbenga Omopariola, from Nigeria who had unlawful sexual contact with a seven-year-old child.

These men are a disgrace and a danger. Why is it only now that these people are losing their citizenship? All of the offenses are more than 10 years old so we clearly knew about it and let them remain citizens. Anyone who abuses their rights as a citizen like this does not deserve to be one.

We have immigration because it benefits us and it benefits the people trying t make a new life. But when sick people like this come to the country, who benefits? Sure, they get some benefits, but at a huge cost to the lives of children. This needs to be rolled out across the country and deportations of pedophiles begun immediately.

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