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Immigration Activists’ Mother To Be Deported After Getting Caught with 36 Pounds Of This

Immigration activists across the country are enraged after the mother of a well known open borders activist is facing deportation. Teresa Vidal-Jaime, an illegal immigrant, was detained following a massive drug raid carried out by the Customs and Border Protection agency at an apartment complex. Vidal-Jaime and her husband, Hugo Rueda, had 33 pounds of cocaine on the property in Rueda’s car. CBP agents also found $600,000 in cash inside their apartment along with an ounce of crystal meth.

Liberal Activists now believe deporting someone who had 33 pounds of cocaine on their property is just revenge because her daughter is an activist. Vidal-Jaime is the mother of Los Angeles immigration activist Claudia Rueda, who claims her mother was detained by authorities illegally, despite what was found in her mothers property. A small open-borders rally was held at the Border Patrol station in San Ysidro near San Diego, with “Free Teresa now” chants from protesters.

“We think it is retaliation against her mother for her daughter’s activism.” – Marcela Hernandez

It’s extremely ironic that both the mother and father of such an outspoken open borders activist gets arrested and deported for the very same thing people support building a wall for. American citizens have no problem with people immigrating to the country legally. Americans do have a problem with people bringing 33 pounds of cocaine across the border with them.

Vidal-Jaime is awaiting a deportation hearing before an immigration judge and is expected to be deported.

Source: Breitbart

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