Immigration Radicalism from Democrats

Nancy Pelosi has shown us all where her loyalty lies. She spent 8 hours speaking attempting to run out the clock in what many are calling her career-defining moment. Did she spend this time talking about homeless vets, education, security, the opioid epidemic, jobs, the economy, or making America a safer more secure place for all? Or did she use it to stump for more an more immigration?

Good guess.

She spent the entire time talking about the need to have more immigrants and to protect those who are here illegally. And in a way, that’s fine, politicians should be looking for a way forward out of the immigration conundrum…But they have already been offered a deal to protect the migrants who are already here…Trump has already said he will offer a pathway to citizenship for over one million “Dreamers.” So what is she now asking for?

Quite simply, it seems that she is asking for more immigrants to come to the US.

Is this her policy platform? Where will the jobs come from for the new arrivals? How will they be protected? Who will educate them?

She can believeĀ in whatever cause she wants, but essentially, her position is to turn the US into a third world country that has no way of looking after those that arrive.