Fleeing ISIS Terrorists Dress As Women, But Forget To Shave!

It appears as though ISIS members are as unintelligent as they are murderous. According to the Daily Mail, in a last ditch attempt to leave Mosul, Iraqi men attempted to disguise themselves as women with gaudy eyeshadow, huge eyebrows, padded bras, powder, and lipstick, but foolishly neglected to shave their facial hair. These men were swiftly captured and taken into custody after law enforcement officers were able to see through their phony, poorly executed disguises. Apparently, Jihadists are too cowardly to remain in cities where they are no longer dominant.

Mosul, a city in Iraq, has unfortunately been destroyed in the fight to combat terrorism and neutralize Jihadist militants. At least 10,000 buildings were decimated during the war as a result of extreme airstrikes and deadly combat and residents of Mosul are forced to make do with the remains. To make matters worse, landlords of temporary housing facilities have doubled the rent, as a result of the high demand for comfortable lodging, even though many tenants are jobless and quickly running out of funds to survive and sustain themselves.

Many Americans shared their thoughts via Twitter on the failed efforts of Jihadists to sneak out of Mosul:


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