ISIS wants revenge, sends 173 suicide terrorists to Europe

Terrorist group Islamic State wants to send 173 trained terrorists to Europe. The potential suicide terrorists must take revenge for the victories of the coalition against ISIS in the Middle East.

This is evidenced by a list of the international anti-crime organization Interpol, on which the British newspaper The Guardian reports.

Reason to panic

On the list are trained terrorists sent to Europe to commit suicide attacks. These are people who “have probably been trained to make explosives that can cause enormous damage. They believe they can travel internationally to participate in terrorist activities. ”

There has been no evidence for the time being that only one of the terrorists is already in Europe.

According to The Guardian, Interpol’s list is still a cause for panic. The organization is following the list of research into the individuals. European countries can expect the terrorist attacks on a large scale.

List is routine

The Interpol list has been established as a result of research in areas that have re-established the international coalition and the army of both Iraq and Syria. In ISIS offices and military bases of the ‘caliphate’ documents are found about the individuals. So far, 173 have been identified.

Interpol itself feels calm and says it regularly distributes these types of lists. According to the organization, it is important that all countries are aware of threats. Therefore, information is shared internationally.

Now ISIS largely losing ground in both Iraq and Syria, jihadists from Western countries are expected to return massively. Some of the Syrians may be prepared to commit attacks in the home country.

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