Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! America Under Donald J Trump

The idiocy behind the predictions made by the MSM and political pundits before Donald Trump’s election must surely be coming home to roost. “Noted” economists said that the economy would crash like never before and some even suggested that it could never recover. They predicted massive job losses and a negative future for black Americans. But guess what?…They were dead wrong!

In December alone, the economy added 148,000 new jobs! This sounds like just a number, but behind each of those individual digits is a person, maybe with a family, a wife, a husband, or a child. And now they have an opportunity to make the life they live better through work (even if is what we might call a “low-skill job). They have the chance to save for the future, build a better stake in society, and most importantly, look after their family.

Want some more good news?

Unemployment has held at 4.1% (lowest amount in almost the last 20 years).

With the Republican tax package, both jobs and the economy are going to get even better as companies are better off and can now choose whether to expand or invest…Both of which will be a benefit to the country.

The Dow has broken 25,000!!! This is crazy stuff here! We may hear from the left that most Americans don’t have stocks, so the Dow increase only helps a few lucky individuals. But the fact is that over 40% of Americans own stocks, and with regular folk being able to keep more of their own money under the new tax plan, this number will increase massively.

Numbers are just numbers, but behind each one is a real person who now has a slightly better life.

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