Jones Wins in Alabama – What Does this Mean for MAGA

Democrat Doug Jones has won the race for the Alabama seat vacated by AG Jeff Sessions. With 49.9 percent of the vote to Moore’s 48.4 percent, it was a very close race. Not only is this an upset for President Trump, but a deep red state turning blue could have major overtones for what gets achieved in the Senate in terms of the MAGA agenda.

Yesterday, I predicted a 3 to 4 point win for Moore, and unfortunately, was wrong…It happens. The President has apparently called to congratulate Jones and processes have begun to bring him into the Senate. But it is not the candidate Roy Moore, nor the President that I am sad for today. It is for the Make America Great Again platform that the president campaigned on.

The platform based on a Jacksonian Foreign policy of non-intervention whilst still providing other support overseas, the platform of bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America to help revitalize towns and cities through the country and the platform of non-identitarian politics where all people are treated as equal citizens is what is now at risk. And for me, this is a shame.

The campaign was an ugly one with mudslinging and accusations taking place from almost the very start. It has not strengthened our nation.

But what of Roy Moore? The man accused of so much? Let’s be fair…If it weren’t for the accusations against him, he would have won. I sincerely hope that if he is innocent, he takes this all the way to the high courts, otherwise, dirty tricks and smear campaigns may well become the new normal.


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