Judge Blocks Trump Taking Down DACA!

A San Francisco judge has ruled that the President of the United States cannot roll back Obama’s DACA program. IN this disgraceful verdict, the judge is showing nothing but contempt for the constitution, the electorate, and basically anyone who does not follow his own leftist agenda.

DACA was never made into a proper, permanent law. It was a quick fix that even Obama knew must be dealt with further down the line…It didn’t pass through the proper procedures, so how can it be “unconstitutional” to repeal it?

This is just another example of leftist, complicit judges trying to tie the hands of the president in favor of the Democrats. It is a disgrace.

The president has already made it very clear that he wants to do a deal on DACA, but that he is asking for concessions from the Democrats in other areas. The judge is purposely ruining Donald Trump’s negotiating hand for ideological purposes.

Trump gave lawmakers plenty of time to get this organized, but they didn’t. Instead, they chose to protest rather than argue their case.  This will no doubt go to the Supreme Court (where it will likely be overturned), and things can proceed, but this has given the Dems a real boost. Perhaps it’s time to remove partisan judges on corrupt circuits.

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