Why Did Judge in Flynn Case Recuse Himself?

Judge Rudolph Contreras who was overseeing the case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn has recused himself. Judges recuse themselves all the time, but not halfway through a case. So why has he recused himself now? The lack of explanation on his part seems to indicate that there is some major news about to come out.

Just last week, news broke that agents investigating Flynn for Robert Mueller were told to step aside after it emerged that they had a conflict of interest. 10s of thousands of messages are being investigated to find out the depth and scope of the “anti-Trump” action involved. Is it possible that Federal investigators had contact with the judge and had discussed the matter of Flynn or Trump beforehand? Even just casually?

This seems the most likely reason to stand down without giving a reason. But then it begs the question: how much of the work that has gone into this million dollar investigation was carried out, or approved, or advised upon by those who actively dislike Trump?

I have a feeling that the whole edifice is about to come crumbling down and that all remaining will be recriminations about why no one could appoint an investigative team without preset bias.

This whole thing is a witch hunt by the left. They have appointed the prosecutors, they have appointed the investigators, and they have appointed the judges. Does this sound fair to you?


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