Justice Department Ties to the Dodgy Trump Dossier

The dossier put together by GPS Fusion that supposedly outlined the “Kompromat” the Russian government had on then-candidate Trump has been thoroughly debunked. It is now not a question of acting on the information within it, but a case of finding out who was behind putting together a clearly fraudulent document to swing the election in Clinton’s favor.

As further investigation revealed that Obama, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign all paid money to GPS Fusion (and hid its fees so it wouldn’t appear as opposition research), yet another stone has been turned over.

A senior Justice Department official, Bruce G. Ohr, who was recently demoted after it turned out he had been having meetings with the people responsible for producing the dossier, actually has even closer ties than first thought. It now comes out theta his wife Nellie, actually worked for GPS Fusion during the campaign!

How is this in anyway acceptable?

Here is a clear link that the Clinton campaign, President Obama, and the Justice Department were working together to produce false documents with a foreign agent to steal the election for Clinton. Isn’t this massive proof of fraud, meddling and an attempt to usurp democracy?

This stinks to high heaven. Forces in government are trying to steal our democratic rights and hoist us with a president that they have “selected.” This is not acceptable and is on the very verges of a dictatorial coup! We cannot let this stand.

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