Kaepernick Takes Part in “Unthanksgiving Day”

Former 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick continued his protest against (insert XYZ here as it is still not very clear quite what he is protesting…his fortune, his luck, his privileged position in society). He took part in a demonstration on Alcatraz island demanding that it be handed over to the native Americans as part of a “restitution package.”

He Tweeted:

“Today, I was on Alcatraz Island at the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering, in solidarity with those celebrating their culture and paying respects to those that participated in the 19 month occupation of Alcatraz in an effort to force the US to honor the Treaty of Fort Laramie.”

The demonstration included around 90 people. Kaepernick made a short speech in which he said: “Our fight is the same fight,” Kaepernick told the crowd, in a message he posted on Twitter. “We’re all fighting for our justice, for our freedom. And realizing that we are all in this fight together makes us all the more powerful.”

According to Fox News, “The 89 activists who occupied the prison demanded that it be turned into an American Indian cultural center and school.”

Will this guy jump on every bandwagon available? Kaepernick needs t articulate exactly what he is protesting against instead of using vagaries such as “struggle”, “fight”,  and “injustice”, without stating what he is fighting or struggling against, and what injustices are being carried out. Many have tried to nail him down on this, and all have failed.

And this is the rub, if he pointed out a particular injustice that exists, that he can show demonstrable evidence for (his feelings do not count), then something could be done about it. But he doesn’t want that. He is now in the protest business, not the football business, and it pays pretty well.


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