Kaepernick Wins Award – Guess What For!

Kaepernick has been awarded the NFLPA award for Community MVP after giving away $100,000 to a range of organisations (his ninth such gift). And while we can all applaud acts of charity that help others, it’s difficult not to think that the award has been given to try and give Kaepernick positive publicity.

Firstly, the award is for the Community MVP. Is there a player around at the moment that has done more to create division in communities than Colin Kaepernick? Let’s be fair, he has insulted at the very least half of the country. And his actions have sparked others, too. There is now a dividing line between those who support Kaepernick’s actions and those who don’t. How is this good for Community?

Secondly, this is the ninth such giveaway that Kaepernick has done since his “million dollar pledge” last year. I repeat, we should all be grateful to those who put their money where their mouths are, but why was the 9th installment any more generous or useful than the preceding 8? This looks and sounds a lot like “reputation engineering.”

The NFL has come under pressure from “activist” groups like BLM to give Kaepernick a contract (they don’t seem to understand how this offering contract thing works), and while they can’t openly be seen to be bowing to pressure, they can frame Kaepernick in the best possible light to show their “solidarity.”


Colin Kaepernick might not be employed by an NFL team, but that hasn’t slowed his support from the players union.

The NFLPA this week awarded Kaepernick the Community MVP for his ninth $100,000 giveaway to various organizations while he continues his “Million Dollar Pledge” he began this time last year.

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Colin Kaepernick named NFLPA’s Week 1 community MVP for his charitable work.

Kaepernick remains a polarizing figure for his role sparking a country-wide debate about the relationship between activism and sports. Many believe Kaepernick’s addition to a team would create an unnecessary “distraction” from football, even though his camp said in the spring he planned on standing for the national anthem if he signs with a team in 2017.

Others would argue football is a distraction from problems we all face in the real world and Kaepernick is appropriately using his platform to address important issues like systemic racial inequality and police brutality. Those issues are far more important than who wins and loses on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

The quarterback play throughout the NFL during Week 1 was far from spectacular, further proving Kaepernick is deserving of a job based on his ability, no matter how you feel about his social stances.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt won the NFLPA’s Community MVP award last week after helping secure more than $33 million in donations for relief from Hurrican Harvey. The list of past winners can be found here.


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