Keith Ellison Supporting Antifa???

The DNC  Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has decided it’s a smart move to pose for a picture with an Antifa handbook. Let’s ignore for a moment that top government agencies have declared Antifa guilty of engaging in terrorist acts, and look directly at what they are.

Antifa claims to be anti-fascist, this is not true. Everything that they promote and protest stinks of real fascism. They shut down free speech, they ban people from speaking differing opinions, and they engage in violence when they can’t shut people up.

IN what world is it a good idea for a member of Congress and one of the heads of the nation’s main parties to be openly supporting a group like this?

Isn’t supporting a terrorist organization a crime? Ellison needs to answer for this and be VERY clear if he actually does support this group.

Even Nancy Pelosi has called out Antifa! SHe said:

“You’re not talking about the far left of the Democratic Party — they’re not even Democrats,” Pelosi told the Denver Post editorial board. “A lot of them are socialists or anarchists or whatever.”

What is the state of the current DNC? Twisted, divided and supporting monsters. How is this in any way a real party of opposition?

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