“KKK” Grafitti at Michigan Uni – The Truth Unfolds

You may remember a series of widely publicized incidents at Eastern Michigan University where racist slogans were graffitied around the campus. The media ran with it as if it were a football, protestors used it as further evidence that the US is filled with white bigots, and the school administrators were on the verge of denying students their rights to free speech (expelling students who attended rallies).

And like many other of the highly-divisive incidents that have taken place and upset any version of racial harmony…the truth was not quite what it seemed.

After authorities spend thousands of dollars investigating and watching 1200 hours of surveillance videos, it turns out that the “white supremacist” making students of color live in fear, who made white students ashamed that such things could happen, turned out to be black.

It appears that former student Eddie Curlan (29-years-old), an African American, was responsible for the graffiti. He has now been charged. But was Curlan responsible for the many protests and the media frenzy that took place? Only to a minor degree.

Authorities, administration, and the MSM were so keen to jump on this and accept that white students at Eastern Michigan could be racist, that they themselves created the environment in which this incident festered.

Since Donald Trump’s election, we have been inundated with media reports of “Trump supporters” attacking minorities, and racist attacks, yet many of them have turned out to not only be false, but fraudulent! If it were not for the disgraceful atmosphere being purposely fostered by the media and the left, these incidents would never happen.

They share some of the responsibility.

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