Latest Revelations in the Roy Moore Saga

Despite the mass onslaught of media against candidate Roy More in the Alabama senate race, he has managed to hold on to a lead, but just a small one. This could be about to change with the breaking news that his main accuser tampered with the now infamous yearbook message.

It came out yesterday that Beverly Young Nelson admitted that she had not been completely honest about the message. This is the message that is being used to show that at the time she claims the sexual assault happened she was involved with Moore…It’s what sets up the whole timescale.

She now claims that although the message is real, the rest is her “notes.”

And here’s the problem. She may well be telling the truth, but the initial obfuscation has cost her any credibility she may have had. In a short interview with ABC, she (whilst being led by the “reporter” and her lawyer, Gloria Allred) she tried to mitigate the damage, but it is probably too late.

When the picture of the yearbook first came out, everyone jumped on how it looked like a forgery, pointing out the different writing and ink colour. Why did they not respond immediately? This just makes sit more suspicious.

She has admitted to adding notes at the end (which presumably include that date and the location), but written in the same ink is the surname “Moore” which looks enough like Judge Roy Moore’s signature to realize that this was an attempt at forgery. If you are just adding your notes, you might want to write in the surname, but why would you try and make it look like the original?

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