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The Left Mocks Republican Train Crash that Leaves One Dead

The horrific train crash yesterday with a garbage truck that left the truck driver dead should be a time for sadness. A working man dies whilst doing his job, and the passengers on the train could have died. But the passengers happened to be Republicans on their way to a retreat…So, therefore, the left saw it as an opportunity to mock and make jokes. I wonder how the dead truck driver’s family feels about that?

Why is it that the left (who claim to be the caring ones) feel it is ok to mock a tragedy that left a man dead? They are morally empty and self-concerned. They wish only to appear caring to boost their sad and fragile egos. These people have no heart, no care, and no dignity.

Some of the messages they sent out include:

@julieplec who said…A train full of Republicans runs into a truck full of garbage and the truck says…(insert punchline here)

@jonathontasini (a Bernie surrogate) said…Wow. Btwn train full of Goopers hitting truck and this, God is working hard today to clean up the stink. Thank Her.

And it just gets worse.

If you want to know what the left is really all about, just try to find their compassion for anyone who is not an illegal migrant…It doesn’t exist. They hate¬†you and me, and they hate those that want America to be the best she can be.

Don’t let these monsters near the levers of power.