Why Do the Left Think Banning Islamic Veils is Racist?

As Quebec passes a law stating that any face to face communication to the government offices must be done without the wearing of a facial covering, the world’s media has ignited itself in a a fury of anger at this “racist act.”

But is asking people to be able to identify themselves correctly racist? And on what planet are these people living if they think that the full face covering of Muslim women is NOT an act of Muslim male oppression?

Point one: Nowhere in the Koran does it state that women must cover themselves so as to be unrecognizable 9though it does state that they should be modest).

Point two: It is only hardline Islamic countries that enforce through law the wearing of coverings.

Point three: If women really wanted to wear these coverings, why is it that one of their first acts when ISIS or Al Qaeda is removed from their countries that they “cast off” the veil?

The full facial covering is an act of sexism and control over women and it is wrong. Not only does it mean that the women are being controlled (just look at the numerous cases of women who are beaten or even killed for not wearing them in Islamic countries), but it stops them from fully engaging in life.

A recent British government report came out in which the authors were “shocked” at how badly integrated into society Pakistani women who don’t speak English were. Why were they shocked? Do they not have eyes to see what is happening in towns and cities every day? The systematic oppression of women needs to end now. And banning the full face covering is a good start.


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