The Left Tries to Take Down Christmas – Here’s Why They’ll Fail

The left’s reaction to President Trump saying “Merry Christmas” is not only extreme, it is idiotic and self-defeating. In a recent article in a college newspaper, the Crimson White, Emily Barron wrote about how Christmas negatively impacts migrants from different backgrounds:

“Religion in America is something that should be practiced within the confines of an individual’s home and place of worship, not the White House. Other countries bring together religion and government, however those countries are not the United States.  The United States is a country of immigrants, and as a country of immigrants, our President should not force the Christian religion down everyone’s throat by placing it on the lawn of the White House.”

So let’s, for a moment, accept that she is well-meaning and not guided by hate of America, and assume that she does actually want religion to be practiced only in the home and places of worship to make everyone feel better. I’ll bet that she will not, under any circumstances, demand that American Muslims stop wearing the hijab, burka or Niqab.

Because these ARE religious symbols that people wear for religious reasons. Will she be brave and noble enough to demand that they stop? Will she even ask them to stop so as to stop “forcing “religion down everyone’s throats”?

Didn’t think so.

So her argument is against Christianity, and that’s ok. She is entitled to be against Christianity, the Judeo-Christian constitution allows her that right. But she should at least admit that this is what she is against. Otherwise, she is nothing more than an angry hypocrite who lacks the ability to think reasoned thoughts. So what do reckon Ms. Barron? Is it time to admit the truth?

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