Left-wing radicals want to attack and destroy G20 in Hamburg

left-wing radicals no conviction

Schools close temporarily, shopkeepers close their windows all because of left-wing radicals. Hamburg is preparing for a weekend of violence and vandalism: 100,000 protesters are on the verge of the G20 summit, some of which are expected to cause unrest and violence.

The city center is closed, and 20,000 agents are on its way. The costs of the G20 run high, mainly because of the protesters: almost 150 million dollars are being put at the top. For weeks, extremists have been terrorizing Hamburg for the G20 summit

‘Attack and Destroy’

With Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump and the widely discussed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Hamburg, there is much to protest. Hamburg expects tens of thousands of left-wing activists who strongly oppose the neoliberalism that symbolizes the G20 summit.

Turks in Germany supporting President Erdogan are expected to go wild with the Kurds present. Germany accounts for some 50,000 angry Kurds. The Hamburg police have to borrow agents from other corps to respond to the expected violence in the German port city.

On Wednesday, thousands of protesters painted gray, with clay. As zombies they walked around, hoping to pay attention to climate change. ‘Welcome to hell,’ is the motto of the protesters. And the goal? ‘Attack and destroy.’

2017-07-05 15:10:14 Protesters smeared with clay demonstrate during the art action “1000 Gestalten” on July 5, 2017 in Hamburg, northern Germany, where leaders of the world’s top economies will gather for a G20 summit. More than 100,000 anti-capitalist demonstrators, including several thousand left-wing extremists, are expected to descend on the Hanseatic city ahead of the two-day summit which opens on Friday, July 7, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Christof Stache

Violent protest for peace, against globalization

According to them, the G20 Summit symbolizes the ongoing globalization and the obsession with economic growth. It is therefore typical that the summit takes place in Hamburg, where free trade and globalization are just for economic growth. Many Hamburgers are financially dependent on world trade.

Quit Smoking

Radical anti-capitalist movements were expected to protest against the summit, but Trump’s arrival sparked the fury at extreme left. They also demonstrate against the violence of states like Russia and America in, for example, the Middle East. It is remarkable that the plea for peace is especially concerned with violent attacks, including rail facilities in Hamburg.

Additionally, cars are burned and shop windows are stolen. The police count on seating blocks and Molotov cocktails. Over the past few days, agents have seized a huge amount of weapons: a sign that some of the protesters (10,000, so darling the police) do not shame.

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