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Leftists Cheer for Possible Stock Market Crash

Yesterday, the Dow Jones made a huge drop, it finally settled around a thousand down putting its value back to the beginning of the year ( a month ago). what was strangeĀ about the event was that social media leftists were almost jubilant over the appearance of a stock market crash.

Anyone who has any understanding at all of the markets knows that after constant rises, there needs to be a correction…Meaning a large drop followed swiftly be a smaller rise…This happens all the time…So why were the leftists desperate for our country to fail?

For a year, they have been saying that the huge growth in the Dow is because of what Obama did, even starting the hashtag campaign #ThanksObama. This, despite all respected economists saying it is to do with Trump’s policies and positivity. Yet as soon as there is a dip…It’s ALL Trump!

Do they really hate the country that much? Would they really rather the whole market collapsed and people were left destituteĀ (not stockholders mind you, but people who work for stockholders) than see Donald Trump succeed? Apparently so.

The frothing enjoyment in the tweets yesterday was disgusting, they were hoping it would drop more and more. But the fact is, that it was actually only a few %. Sure it was the “biggest number ever” but that is only because the Dow has never been so high. IN terms of % it doesn’t even make the top ten of the last 20 years.