“Less White”, “Less Male” – Governement Demands Church Shake-Up

The British government has gone too far in making demands of the church in terms of the makeup of its clergy. Not only are the government and the church supposed to be separated (making it none of the government’s business), but this is clearly a case of double standards aimed at harassing the native British (of all colors) population.

“The Church of England is well on its way to reaching its target in 2020 when we hope to see 50 per cent of women in the priesthood,” said a representative of the government. “We should not overlook the need to draw more people from different ethnic backgrounds and the church has strategies looking to increase the number of black and ethnic minority ordinates, the numbers are currently only 3.3 per cent of clergy.”

Do you want to know what real hypocrisy is? Just ask if the same should apply to other religions?

Just for example, as Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United Kingdom, shouldn’t the government (by their own logic) be asking that 50% of Muslim Imams be female? It’s only fair, right? Do you know what percentage of Imams in Britain are female? Take a guess? You’re probably right…Zero.

Yes, there are Islamic spiritual leaders, but they are not classed as Imams (which is strange as it is not even forbidden in the Koran). But what is holding female scholars back from being able to call themselves Imams (and to have the congregation actually accept them as such) is Muslim sexism. It is the fact that they see women as the “chattel” of the male.

It’s about time the government of the world stopped demonizing the most progressive and liberal cultures on the planet and start tackling real division. But they won’t because that would be considered “racist.”

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