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LFL Football Players Sherri Awagah and Danielle Harvey Kneel for National Anthem

Two LFL football players knelt for the national anthem during their game last week. If you’re wondering what LFL is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It was formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, now it’s called Legends Football League. During a game between the Omaha Heart and the Los Angeles Temptations, Sherri Awagah and Danielle Harvey knelt during the national anthem.

The anthem protest, started by San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick, was all but dead in 2017. Wikipedia dubbed the event the “2016 national anthem protests“. The last known person to kneel for the national anthem was a cheerleader by the name of Ajani Powell. She knelt for the anthem on December 12th 2016.

There wasn’t any reported incidents for over 6 months. All of that changed when two nobodies knelt for the anthem in front of very small crowd.

Perhaps they will suffer the same fate as their role model Colin Kaepernick. As of June 1st, 2017, he remains unsigned by any team in the NFL. Many believe the reason for this is due to Kapernick’s National Anthem protest.

Source: Total Pro Sports
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