Liberal Learns the Meaning of Irony When She Attacks Man in MAGA Cap

Maga cap

An American Liberal in Denmark is about to find out the true meaning of “Irony.” The very thing that people like her are fighting in America: The right to Free Speech, is about to bite her where it hurts.

The unamed women (who you can see in the video below) walked into a bar in Denmark and sat down at a table where a patron was sitting with friends while wearing a MAke America Great Again cap. For this Liberal, this was too much.

As reported in the Constitution.com:

“You’re doing this, like to the world,” she yelled. “What the fu** is wrong with people?”She continued by calling the man a horrible human being. “What is fu**ing wrong with you? You are a horrible human being. Horrible human being,”

As the woman finally gathered her belongings and began walking away, the man can be heard saying “Liberal tolerance at hand.” Quite a mild response to the vitriol that the woman was spewing, but it sparked her to another level of fury.

“I do not fu**ing tolerate fu**ing, fu**ing racist!” she yelled. “You’re a horrible fu**ing human being and I hope you go home and feel fu**ing ashamed of yourself!”

“For what?” the man asked almost begging the unhinged lunatic woman to continue her collapse into insanity.

“For fu**ing being a fu**ing racist you fu**ing human piece of sh**!” 

She then threw a drink in his face and stormed out.

You see, in Europe (unlike the United States), what she did is a politically motivated Hate crime. The very thing she is against, Free Speech, is what would protect her from these charges. The man who she abused has reported her to the police and she will now be charged.

This is the perfect example of Irony.

Picture and video: LiveLeaks

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