Linda Sarsour Accused of Allowing Sexual Assault at Arab American Association

Apparent Muslim Feminist and activist behind the “Women’s March,” Linda Sarsour, has been accused of allowing employees in her Arab American Association to be routinely sexually assaulted. If proved true, these allegations could prove extremely damaging to Sarsour.

Asmi Fathelbab, worked for the Association in 2009, the #MeToo campaign has encouraged her to come forward with her story. She claims that she was regularly assaulted by a Muslim man who lived in the building where the AAA is based. She claims that she told Sarsour directly about the assaults:

“She called me a liar because ‘Something like this didn’t happen to women who looked like me,’” Asmi says. “How dare I interrupt her TV news interview in the other room with my ‘lies.’”

And it gets worse. She went to other leaders in the organization, and they allegedly said that the man she was accusing couldn’t possibly do these things because he was a “good Muslim who goes to Mosque.”

Fathelbab also claims that Sarsour threatened her if she went public and swore to make sure that she never worked again in NYC.

Now let’s be very clear. These are just allegations and should be treated as such. As should all allegations that have not been proven (for example, the ones against President Trump). But Roy Moore knows to his sadness that sometimes, allegations without proof are all that is needed to destroy a career.

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