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The Link Between Antifa and the Amtrack Train Wreck

By now, you will have all heard about the Amtrack train wreck in Washington and the people who have died and been injured. But what you may not have heard about is that recently, Antifa folk were online bragging about such things as putting cement on tracks and messing around with electronics to take down the rail system.

These posts have now been removed from their sites…Suspicious?

Fortunately, journalist and writer Mike Cernovitch took shots of these pages where they detail incidents they have been involved with.

Is it possible that Antifa had a hand in yesterday’s tragedy? Based on their posts, it is certainly not unthinkable.

They wrote:

“Early in the morning of April 20th we poured concrete on the train tracks that lead out of the Port of Olympia to block any trains from using the tracks. We took precautions to notify BNSF (the train company) – we called them and we used wires to send a signal that the tracks were blocked. We did this not to avoid damaging a train, nothing would bring bigger grins to our faces, but to avoid the risk of injuring railway workers.”

And they talk about much, much more.

This comes from just 9 days ago:

“During this week we attached wire and jumper cables to the main Union Pacific rail line running through the state of Nebraska to disrupt rail signals and delay trains that mainly carry coal from the mountainous west to population centers in the east. Inspiration for us came from the blockade in Olympia, Unist’ot’en camp in unceded Wet’suwet’en territory, and other actions large and small across turtle island. until the complete destruction of time itself, love and rage from the middle of nowhere”

Is something happening here?

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