Lives Were Saved Because of a Man with a Legally Owned Gun

DOn’t believe the media hype that will surround the horrific shooting of 26 innocents at a church in San Antonia. The media and the left are already trying to make this an argument for gun control and the repealing of the Second Amendment…But they are lying to you!

Devin Kelley was dishonorably discharged from the arm for a “FELONY” assault. This means that with existing laws, he would not be allowed to own an assault rifle. So if making a new law would not solve the problem it is being made to fix…Why do it in the first place?

Just look at the cities with the strictest gun laws; places like Chicago that have some of the highest murder by firearm ILLEGALLY owned in the country.

The only reason this maniac in San Antonia didn’t kill more is that he dropped his gun after a normal citizen, with a legally owned gun, shot at him. How many times do we hear this same story? Deaths are prevented by legally owned guns and caused by illegally owned ones.

So if the problem comes from people owning guns illegally, why not put a law in place that allows more stop and searches in high-risk areas? I’ll tell you why…It’s because the left doesn’t want the black and the poor to stop killing each other. They want them to carry on so they can keep on blaming conservatives for the travesty.

They will not stop until every citizen is unarmed. Just cast your mind back to history classes. Hitler disarmed the Jews …and look what followed. Stalin disarmed the citizens…and look what followed. Don;t let them disarm you and don’t believe the propaganda.

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