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Man Charged With Hate Crime After Setting Migrant Owned Business on Fire, Blames “White America”

A 32-year-old African-American man has been charged with hate crime related offenses after he set a migrant owned business on fire and attempted to frame white people. Curtis Flournoy has been charged with multiple counts including ethnic intimidation and burning a commercial building.

Police say Flournoy set fire to the Central Market, a refugee owned business. The fire burned itself out before any help could arrive. Police found a rock that was thrown through a window with a note. The note threatened to torture the migrant owners if they didn’t leave and go back to where they came from. The note was signed “White America.”

The store’s owner, Kamal Dhimel, previously lived in Nepal and Bhutan. He came to the USA in 2010. He started the central market in 2014. The store sells goods from Nepal, India, and Pakistan among other countries. Bhutan told the media he hadn’t faced anti-refugee attitudes in the USA before now.

The police statement didn’t offer any further details about the incident. Online jail records didn’t say whether Flournoy had an attorney.

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
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