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Manhattan Terror Suspect Got in through Chain Migration

The man arrested for the attempted terror attack in Manhattan’s Port Authority explosion yesterday has been identified as Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old originally from Bangladesh. Fortunately, it seems the person most injured in the attack was the terrorist himself. Even the NYPD and politicos have declared that this was a terrorist attack, but that hasn’t stopped idiots commenting on nonsense.

Within just a few minutes of the suspect being named, leftists took to Twitter stating a number of things:

  1. Bangladesh isn’t on Trump’s banned list. Are they suggesting that Trump adds Bangladesh to the list? Of course not. They are trying to make the point that the ban list has not stopped this. But this is a foolish perspective that fails to understand the reality behind proscribing certain countries. The purpose is to defend against countries that do not have proper vetting or passporting procedures. Unless the leftists are suggesting that we shouldn’t check passports, their point is useless.
  2. They began again with the #NotallMuslims campaign. What does this even mean? No one has ever suggested that every single Muslim is a terrorist (well nobody of any note). What they seem to be saying is that these are isolated, and down to the individual. Which in one way is correct, but fails to address that there is a very real culture of radicalization taking place not just in Muslim countries, but the world over. These radicalizers are well-funded, well-trained and willing to sacrifice all to instill terror into the hearts of any unfortunate to be in their path. Saying #Not allMuslims is a pointless gesture that wilfully ignores the fact that there ARE huge groups of people that want to kill. (And not just non-Muslims).