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Manhunt on 18-year-old Terrorist Barcelona: ‘We will find him in a few hours’

terrorist barcelona

On the day after the attack on Barcelona’s Ramblas, the perpetrator was fleeing. The police are looking for an 18-year-old boy named Moussa Oukabir. The boy drove a van at a crowd in the Ramblas, with 14 deaths. The hunt is open.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the hunt was aimed at 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir. His older brother Driss Oukabir was arrested by the Spanish police yesterday. The van with which the attack was committed was rented in the name of his older brother Driss. Driss Oukabir states that his passport has been stolen.

terrorist bacelona

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reports that Oukabir shared radical messages on social media in the past. Among other things, he would have called for the “killing of unbelievers”.

The man who drove into the crowd with a van at hundreds of mostly tourists is still at large. In the tumult that occurred after the attack, he managed to escape. So far, the Spanish police arrested three suspects. The Spanish authorities have begun a big hunt for the bus driver.

During the attack on the Ramblas, 14 people died. More than one hundred people were injured. The assault was claimed later on by the Islamic State terrorist organization.

Attacks are related

In the night following the fatal attack in Barcelona, the police killed five terrorists in the Spanish resort of Cambrils. The men were wearing belt straps that proved to be fake afterward. Four of them were killed during the shooting, one in fifth died later of his injuries. Before the police killed the terrorists, they wounded seven people by driving in with an Audi A3. In addition, an agent also became injured.

The Spanish authorities suspect that the two attacks are related. But there was another third incident. In the night of Wednesday on Thursday, in the Spanish village Alcanar there was a big explosion. One man died. Initially, the police thought that a gas leak was the cause. Now it seems that terrorists tried to make explosives here.

Results in The coming hours

Meanwhile, the Catalan police have made three arrests in Barcelona. Two men were arrested tonight: a Moroccan and a Spaniard from the Spanish enclave Melilla in Morocco. This morning a third man was arrested.

The hunt on the driver of the van will continue. “He has shown he is dangerous,” reports the French newspaper Le Figaro. The Catalan police assume that they will produce results in the coming hours, in view of a large number of agents that are under way.

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