Massachusetts Forces Employers on Birth Control

Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker (R), has signed into law a bill that now forces all employers to provide birth control to their employees. He said in a statement:

“This legislation will ensure no woman in Massachusetts, irrespective of what goes on in Washington, will worry about whether her health care services and rights will be affected here in the commonwealth.” Which in many ways sounds great…He’s “protecting rights”, isn’t he?

Or is this, in fact, a pernicious attack on the rights of others. Under Obamacare, very few exemptions for birth control provisions were awarded based on religious or moral grounds, Trump is looking to remove that and allow people to morally follow their conscience on these matters.

And what’s worse is the employers must provide for EVERY TYPE of birth control. According to The Hill “The new Massachusetts law requires health insurers cover at least one kind of every type of birth control approved by the Food and Drug Administration, including over-the-counter emergency contraception.”

So not only the contraceptive pill, but also the morning after pills, and other “abortive” forms of birth control.

It is perfectly acceptable to have the contraceptive pill paid for if it is to deal with medical conditions, this is what insurance is. But to be forced to provide coverage for what is essentially a “recreational drug” is just ridiculous.

Even from a business point of view, condoms are better. They not only prevent pregnancy but protect against sexually transmitted disease, which would then need to be covered by insurance.

This is not fair to those who have objections to post-conception abortions.

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