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There May Still Be Hope For Charlie Gard…

The entire world was horrified to learn of the European Court of Human Rights’  decision to revoke baby Charlie Gard’s medical care for mitochondrial disease and brain damage, thus essentially sentencing him to death. Thankfully, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel for Charlie. According to reports from Life News, Charlie and his parents have been granted U.S. citizenship. Nebraska Republican Jeff Fortenberry made the announcement on Twitter yesterday:


Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates have raised an impressive total of $1 million dollars for their son’s care and have made their desire for him to live more than apparent. Despite the minimal chances of the experimental treatment’s success, they are willing to make every attempt, in the hopes that the care saves Charlie’s life.

Unfortunately, the British courts are in charge of whether or not Gard and Yates can bring their son to the United States in order to receive the care he desperately needs. As stated by The Evening Standard:

It is understood that the 11-month-old still cannot be removed from Great Ormond Street hospital (GOSH) without the permission of the UK courts despite the US move.

Quite frankly, the events surrounding Charlie Gard in the United Kingdom are a prime example of why an overly powerful government is dangerous. No government should be allowed to tell parents they are prohibited from taking their child to a place where he can receive licensed medical care.

Many Americans have weighed in on Twitter, sharing their thoughts on the latest updates involving the fight for Charlie Gard’s life:


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