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McConnell Backs Trump On Chain Migration

Now that Trump has one major legislative victory (his Tax Bill) in the bag, he is setting his sights on the next. And this comes in the form of ending Chain Migration and getting the US borders under control.

It is a little-known fact, but Chain migration (the process by which extended family members can come to the US to join someone who may not even be a citizen) accounts for around 70% of annual migration figures. It is estimated that around 9 million people have come through chain migration. And until this is properly controlled, we can never really get a handle on fixing broken and dilapidated systems.

But it now looks as though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel will be backing the president on his efforts to stop the free for all system which depresses the wages and prospects of the poorest in society.

There are many GOP Senators who want to put Big Business first in a system that favors cheap, unskilled immigration at the cost of the working American man and woman. But With McConnell on side, this may still get through.

Many are touting some kind of amnesty on DACA recipients as the price to pay; and it would, in fact, be a small price to pay. There are 700,000 DACA recipients if they received amnesty in return for a vote to end Chain Migration, then at least cities and towns would be able to plan for schools and hospitals and homes accordingly.



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